Abubakar Shehu

Sometimes, I sit down and just laugh. People often wonder why I laugh but had they understood the reason; they would join me. 

Life is full of adversities and a lot of people may always want to benefit off you. 

It is a precarious situation especially in our dear country; the hustle, the zeal, the determination to succeed has geared people to want to feast on others. 

For all the adversity I have faced, I may have decided not to continue, to quit and to stop fighting but I continued, kept fighting and pushing hard, always thinking that success is nothing but a reality.

The hurdles became more real when I lost my dad in my final year in school. I had to deal with the thwart in my dream to further my education and achieve more in life. 

After school, I had no option than to start work at an uncle’s poultry farm in exchange to pay for my master’s fees but after many months of effort and hard work, the whole story changed and I had no option but to quit working with him and I went back to the streets. 

The streets taught me the necessity to learn some vocation and photography chose me. 

With photography, I had a lot of challenges. I initially used my phone to take shots, but a time came where I needed camera so badly. 

I rented a camera to keep the struggle alive and uploaded my works on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

On this path, I came across a man who had interest in art and he decided to help me by renting me his camera for free to shoot and since then, the fire kept burning to pursue this dream. 

From this path, I was able to pay for my Master’s degree.

Therefore, despite the failure and disappointments, all I did was to dust myself and continue the struggle. 

I always say to myself that a lot of people were some miles away to their success, but they gave up, they got tired and could not persevere to the very end. 

Had they pushed one more time, they would have succeeded. The reaction and narrative for success and failure is the same, just that the former laughs and the latter cries. 

To have a great name, to be recognized, to be acknowledged will start with great and continuous efforts characterized by dedication, commitment, perseverance, foresight, and intelligence, that I have come to understand in life. 

These are the characteristics of great people in the likes of Aliko Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg, Nelson Mandela and many more. 

Life was not a bed of roses for them but today they can never be forgotten in the history books, and I believe that is how it will also play for me. 

Therefore, for every individual who has never given up, who has continued to struggle and survive, life will flow you to the stream of success. 

Just the way I have kept hope alive, I believe I will become the Dangote of my generation and the river of my success will never dry. 

Keep pushing hard for success is achievable.

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