Favour Chigbo

I remember the tale of how I had stumbled upon an oratory contest online.

It was a friend that actually told me about it a day to the deadline and I had to upload a video before the deadline.

I felt it was too sudden, I couldn’t make a new video and for a moment I felt I should just brush off the idea.

But, few hours before the closure, I quickly uploaded one of my videos speaking at church and the week after, I was stunned to see that I had been selected to go through another selection stage which was to last for 1 week with us delivering 3 speeches in 3 days.

A part of me kept feeling that I wouldn’t get through.

I guess those thoughts even made me to fall sick during that period but yet with that sickness, I drafted, memorized and presented my speech.

Few days later, the results were out, and I was among those selected for the finals.

It all felt surreal. We had to go to Lagos for the finals.

I was in Aba, Abia State and I didn’t think my dad would support that, considering the expenses and all.

I told my mum about it and she in turn told my dad and the next morning, my dad called for a meeting and consented to sending me to Lagos.

I was beginning to see God in all this. Things that naturally would have proven to be an obstacle were all dealt with, and everything was just miraculously happening in my favour.

Long story short, D-Day came, and the finals commenced.

We were asked to debate on the topic, “Africa is more innovative than the west”. Well, you and I know how controversial that topic is.

Still, God was faithful. My teammates and I were arguing for that motion and won that debate, so we qualified for the solo speech stage.

The solo speech commenced, and it got to my turn. My performance wasn’t as topnotch as I expected it to be. There and then I made a little prayer for us to be given another chance.

Few minutes later, the moderator walked in and said that we’d be taking it all over again.

I made my presentation again, this time satisfactorily and when the final results were announced, I came out as the champion and bagged the Orator of the year title.

My motto is that no one should sleep hungry and I will Stop at Nothing to ensure no one does.

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