Narayan Gupta

My journey to becoming an artist began in 2017, when I started photography after seeing my friend capture great pictures from his mobile phone. 

I don’t remember how or when this interest became a hobby of mine. 

For 2 years I enjoyed doing photography and consumed a lot of photography content which exponentially developed my passion for it. 

I remember falling in love with the process of creating something with the smartphone camera. 

I then, in the second week of school, emptied my bank account and bought photography gear.

Before I picked up a smartphone camera, I was very shy and timid. As I was shooting my way through the process and garnering a love for the art form, I started taking macros, I committed to sitting down every weekend for four hours to just photograph.

My growth moment is when I realized that the gear was not the thing that was holding me back from creating great work. 

I devoted every hour of my free time to improve my Art. I did dozens of shoots, countless hours scouring the web for tutorials on lighting, etc, and everything photography-related, and then went out and applied the lessons.

I Stopped at Nothing.

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