Nitin Dangade

I was 12 years old when I first attempted to ride a bike when my accident occurred within my first attempt. 

After this incident, my one leg was in a plaster for next two months and I was so scared that in that moment I decided not to ever ride any bike.

Even after ten years since that incident I was afraid of bikes. I was even scared to ride on a bike as pillion rider. My fear for biking had grown into a kind of a phobia.

One day my Papa realized this thing and he decided in need to overcome this phobia. 

Papa told me: “If you are afraid of bikes, then forget bikes, you should learn to drive a car”.

I was even scared of driving so my Papa forced me to join driving class. 

I didn’t attend driving class for 2-3 days, then my driving instructor called my Papa. 

So, after his chats with my Papa, I didn’t have any chance to hide more.

I somehow agreed to do practical sessions.

When I went for my class, it was raining heavily with thunderstorms. I was so nervous, and it felt like it was one of my most fearful moments in life.

After an hour rain stopped completely but I was totally nervous from inside

My driving instructor told me to take the driving seat and with his instructions, within a few moments I realized that this is easy, comfortable and way more enjoyable than what I imagined.

The fear which I was suffering for over 10 years, at that moment, I felt none of it.

My excitement after passing my driver’s license inspired me to learn to ride a bike in two days, by myself.

My new passion increased my curiosity about automobiles and inspired me to study about the Indian automobile market for the last 6 years.

My passion for automobiles is still growing day by day and in the last 6 years I drove almost every single car and bike available in the Indian market. I even drove lots of commercial and heavy duty vehicles. 

Very recently I got the opportunity to write weekly automobile related blogs in our local newspaper.

In our district, every year we have a very famous off-road bike racing event that I participated in for the last 5 years.

I won the race once, was also runner-up and I also fractured a bone in one of the races.

Whenever I’m feeling happy or sad, I take a drive or ride any available vehicle.

The unbelievable transformation which I have experienced in my life is only because of my passion

Follow your passions like child, because following your passions will change your life.

In the past 6 years I have learnt and experienced lot about technology and market conditions. From my perspective: “Innovation or technology is best only when it is affordable to the common man”.

The TECNO brand, has made some industry redefining value offerings in the smartphone industry and made those offerings affordable for the common buyers.

This combination of innovation and affordability makes TECNO the undisputed King in the Value for Money segment, in the smartphone industry.

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