Nora Awolowo Visual Storyteller

I connect with Tecno’s ethos of  STOP AT NOTHING because I consider myself a strong-willed person and a go-getter.

To stop at nothing to me means to be determined and not allowing any stumbling block to deter me from achieving a goal. It might take longer than I expected, but the major focus is not stopping till the goal is achieved.

Like, after three years of wanting to work on a personal project dear to my heart, I am finally going to do it this year. Slow but steady.

I love and adopt the idea of achieving excellence in everything I do because this helps keep me on my toes, knowing I have to be better than my previous work.

I think one of the most challenging things I have had to deal with is juggling studying accounting in school full time while also doing photography and cinematography.

For someone who was schooled in Ekiti, I was in Lagos almost every weekend and most times my parents never knew I was even around. It was a learning phase for me.

Fortunately, I graduated with really good grades and my folks are still shocked about how I could combine both. Gladly, I do not also regret making the decision to delve into photography or filmmaking. Those periods were responsible for where I am now.

My fav quote is what I used to hear my father say to us growing up: “It is not how far, but how well.”

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