Prashant Vakshas

I had a building construction business which was doing very well. In 2014, the turnover of my company used to be 2-3 crores. Then suddenly my business slumped after coming to the market. 

I was broken, thought all day long, what to do now. Used to spend time with friends, so that my mind wouldn’t wonder. 

If someone did a small job, which one would he do so that the prestige would remain intact? 

In 2017 my older sister Pooja Chauhan, who helped me out a lot called me and said: “Brother, you need to come to my house, I have to talk to you about something”. When I got there, she asked me: “What has happened to you. Why don’t you do any work?”. 

I said: “Sister all my business is over, tell me what I should do?”.

Then my sister told me she would give me whatever money I wanted to get back on my feet. 

My passion was ignited and started manpower work in main construction field and today in 2021 my company employs around 3000 people. I have also started building flats that sell out before construction ends.

That’s why I would like to thank my elder sister for supporting me all the time.

Success can be achieved only through struggle and hard work. #StopAtNothing, just keep trying.

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