Prince Obigwe

My life started from the ghetto area of Lagos where I met a lot of terrible things and people who were ready to teach me the bad ways of life. 

I never yielded because I believed I will go to school and become great in life even though we were poor. I lost my brothers to malnutrition and kidney failure due to no money to pay for hospital bills. 

I never stopped going to school and believing in myself. Finally, I got into a private university.

At 200 level I lost my dad and my uncle was not ready to sponsor me so he threw me out of his house and I was homeless without money. 

I slept in the street of Egbeda for a week in Lagos thinking how I was going to pay my school fees. 

I still didn’t give up because for me to be in this school is not by mistake and because I was determined to stop at nothing to succeed. 

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